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They’re just following orders

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Descent.  Frames 7-9 in the Marquis storyboards. 

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"The price of freedom is high and it’s a price I’m willing to pay"

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for cauthons (happy birthday!) [edit: quote]


In the Flesh script caps 1/?

but really guys think about this?? if kieren would be 22 right now, as his gravestone indicates, bill banned him from the macy house when he was fourteen.


he’s just out of secondary/middle school?? and he paints all the time?? and he loves hardcore metal music and punk rock outfits with weird buckles on them?? and let’s be honest he probably weighs like eighty pounds soaking wet this boy is a tiny little oddball kieren puppy

and then rick macy who is two years older than him and all handsome and sporty and popular and and his dad is canonically the most terrifying man in roarton but weentsy little kieren decides “yes this is the one. this is the one i will love”

so he makes him a mix cd


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I come from a planet of outlaws. Billy the Kid, Bonnie and Clyde, John Stamos…

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bucky/nat sparring session

i gave up (trust me it looks better cropped)